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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stripped Blush

Okay so for the past days, the weather was not at its best. It was raining non-stop here because of a Super Typhoon, but thank God we're now safe. But during those past days, I was really bored that I got the chance to re-organize my clothes again and found time to wear them and show them to you guys! : )

I don't usually wear pink but I'm not saying that I don't like pink it's just that I'm not into "pinks." (I do hope you got my point, haha!) Anyways, "Spring" was my inspiration why I bought this two piece dress from K-2. When I saw the color, it was actually unusual for me to like it instantly because as I've said, Im not a "pink" person. But hey! I was diggin' in. Plus it has this lace accent in the middle which adds that sexiness to the whole look.

I do hope you liked the whole look, simple and subtle. The look that you can easily manage to wear anywhere and still looks classy, girly, and dainty.

Dawn ☕️

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