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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Arabian days & nights: The Beginning

It was 8 in the morning when we arrived at our new place in Qassim from Riyadh. It was quite a long trip and a tiring one with us just sitting at the back (behind Kuya Farooq on the wheels), still sleepy from the trip (13 hours trip more or less). It was mixed emotions when we arrived, I guess we were anxious and excited at what the new place could offer us. And boy, was it damn C-O-L-D! Arrgghhh!
During our first "Souk" (the term they use for market), we have to wear their traditional clothing and that is the Abaya (the over-all black dress), with Tar-ha (the one covering the face except the eyes). With this outfit, all I can say is that our eyes says it all... haha!
I honestly admit, I feel like an assassin with this on. With Therese, Rose & Grace.
The main thing why we left our beautiful country is for the reason called "WORK." Here we are at our first few days at work and boy, we have to take pictures for documentation. haha!
Azzayed Hospital at the back with Janet, Jamie,and Grace.
Moving on, we had witnessed how they celebrate here or how they party and I mean P-A-R-T-Y with what I saw on the photos. I never thought they could still do that here because for a fact, I really thought we'd be secluded in an area and there would be less socialization. It's the mere "Idea" of the PBB show, 24/7 but it would be for 2 years and not 100 days. I guess I was wrong!

With Ate Rachel

New Found friends.

Til next walk outs,
: ) DaWn
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