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Friday, December 9, 2016

Phuket Trip


Since in Jeddah, me and my two friends were planning to get a trip going to Phuket and fortunately , we were able to book the round trips costing only 620 SR/person including the air fare! Isnt that amazing? Of course, thanks to my very witty friend, aice ( for all the arrangements.

Maya Bay (reality vs. expectation)
So October 14 it is! We left The Philippines at 7pm (and by the way, dont forget to pay the travel tax in the terminal before heading to the check in counter) and arrived in Phuket at 11 plus pm. (Immigration plus waiting time for the driver) Look and behold, Phuket or I mean Thailand in particular is much the same as The Philippines in ambiance. By 12:30am after arriving in our hotel, we strolled through the streets in Patong to find something to eat but ended up finding to book our Tours in the islands in a good deal (cheaper cost). Unfortunately, Bangla road and the stores at that time were closed  to pay tribute to their King who has just passed away, and the Thais are mourning. We were still able to find something to eat afterwards, (Thank goodness because we're starving from the trip)  and of course tried the authentic version of "pad thai" or spelled there as "Pat thai".

Our morning was fairly exciting as it was our first day in Thailand, me and my beautiful friends roamed the Patong beach as early as 8am. The weather was a little bit gloomy at that time, but hell no that would stop us from going out. We went to this fancy coffeeshop to get some coffee (of cousre 😜) and some hot chocos to set the mood for the gloomy weather. It rained later and we of course, we got wet and have to change after that to prepare for our City trip in the afternoon.

Pad Thai
Hot choco
Strolling the stressts of Patong Beach
Trying out the local food stores
Patong Beach
It's not complete without a group selfie (with strangers)     
Breakfast beverages                      
Coffee club
1stday: City tour comprises the Karon point view, where you see nothing but the whole view of Patong beach (Nothing really to do there) , next would be Our tour to the Big buddha, where we need to dress conservatively (FYI. We were wearing shorts 🙈) that's why we were provided with "Ma-long" to cover our lower halves. Next, Wat Chalong is the most famous temple in Phuket. They have
the same rule reagrding dress code with the Big Buddha. BTW splendid scenery over the temple!  We also went to the animal Safari where you can see elephants, monkeys, and snakes. It wasn't really
a sight to see honestly with those animals being held in captivity, just a sad sight to see. (Just saying). Next was the Cashew nuts store or Factory? Im not sure but im sure that those cashew nuts tastes
heavenly with those assorted flavors! I even bought two pieces to take home. (Yummy!)  Lastly, we
went to this huge place which im not sure of the name but we got some free coffee after the whole tour. We were super duper tired after the whole city tour so our trip in Thailand wouldn't be complete if we didnt try the original Thai massage (300 baht) and it was amazing, trust us after the city tour, we needed that massage badly!
Karon Point view
Wat Chalong
Karon View

  Wat Chalong 

Big Buddha



2nd day: Off to The Phi phi islands! So another FYI, Phi Phi islands is composed  of 2 main islands
, the Phi Phi Ley, which was the smaller one and the Phi Phi Don islands. It was also in these islands that the movie, The Beach was filmed where Leonardo di caprio starred in. We arrived at Maya bay, It was a beautiful scene to see but unfortunately it was crowded with tourists and it was high tide, so bummer. Then we island hopped to the bigger island where we had our lunch and sunbathed in an another island.

Maya Bay
Maya bay
Coconut ice cream for dessert 
Island Hopping
Bird's nest 

3rd day: Off to Pha Nga bay or famously known as "James Bond island." If you're not a fan of long walks, I wouldn't recommend this trip. But if you are, then let's proceed. The water is not that clear throughout the trip and I was that curious that I asked our tour guide why? He told me because these islands are part within a bay so the sea water (which is blue) cannot enter, thus making the color of the water greenish-brown color.

After our whole rendevouz, we arrived  at our hotel to get freshened up (it was a mess) and went immediately to the airport to await for our flight back to The Philippines.

The whole trip wasn't that bad for us first timers and whooray that we made the trip possible, thanks again to my very wise and budget conscious friend, Aice. ❤️

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NYFW: Carolina Herrera S/S collection 2015 Review

The New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off this week and shows are star-studded as expected from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus (technically topless). But enough about the shenanigans, let's talk about Carolina Herrera's S/S collection 2015! 

I think the inspiration of the whole collection was rooted literally from "Spring". The season that brings us beautiful, blooming flowers; a season of a new beginning. The flower designs were made into these "graphic prints" that are bold enough to be seen. The colours also reflected the summer/spring colours which were bold, bright, and beautiful pastel colours. The designs ranges from above to below-the-knee dresses. What I personally loved about these fashion pieces is that it remains conservative and very lady-like. Carolina Herrera's name resembles with sophistication, and chic.

P.S. Credits to for the photos 


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