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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Music Video Review: Try by Colbie Caillat

Hey, Ladies!

Do you love yourself?

It's a very simple question yet a very clever one. Clever because, with that question you are able to reflect and run through some deep thoughts towards the idea of loving the real beauty in you and not the "ideal beauty" that you are trying to portray everyday. 

Women who hates their body sizes, hates their bare faces, women who feels ashamed of having no hair or doesn't like their natural hair colors, or women who underwent operations that caused their self esteem to  decrease, hates their own skin colors? These are just some reality bites that are making women of today vulnerable to their own kinds of problems which are depressing.
Colbie Caillat, in her music video, Try. Taken from Google
Colbie Caillat, the singer-composer behind the hits "Bubbly" and "Realize," had some brave and bold approach towards the message of her new music video, "Try."  The video starts off with her and other women in full make-up  and hair done singing the first lines from the song.  As the song progresses, Colbie together with other ladies started to remove bits and pieces of their make ups, wigs, hair extensions and they were beginning to look like their ownselves being plain, bare, and simple. But from the moment they were able to free themselves from those things, it was a beautiful revelation for it signifies freedom. Freedom of being in their own selves,  in their own skins and that freedom resonated on their glowing faces. And during that moment, they were happy and that was the real beauty in it. Being happy in your own skin, regardless of who and what you are. As the line of the song goes, "You don't have to try so hard... you don't have to change a single thing."

The video is actually depicting women empowerment. She is trying to share  a simple  yet beautiful reminder and that is to love and embrace your own skin, appreciate your natural look, and stop trying to be the person you're not because the bottom line is, that beauty fades and what remains is what's inside of you.
The lyrics are self explanatory. 

Once in a while, let go of those filters and make ups and try to see the real you.
It's the real beauty inside you that still matters. : )

By the way, you can go check out her video here.

I'll leave you with these meaningful lines from the song,

"Take your make up off, let your hair down.
Take a breath, look into the mirror,
Ask yourself, Do you like you?
Cos' I like you."

P.S. Smile because someone, somewhere in this world loves you!

Dawn ☕️
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