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Monday, July 14, 2014

Little Boy's happiness

My aunt went home with this huge box, inside it was Ryker's (My little cousin) present, and boy was he happy when he found out what's inside! His favorite, The Solar System toy.

Solar System

To give you an idea on how much he loves the solar system, at his young age now of 4, he already memorized the eight (8) planets in the solar system, including the dwarf planets and the names of the moons orbiting the different planets. (I don't even know what are the names of such moons and like, who cares?!) But he is already a genius at his age and the depth of knowledge he has about the the solar system is adorable. 

He is such a fanatic and very passionate about this topic. He even calls us not with our names but of that of the planets. He calls me "Ate Venus" by the way. (Hehe!)

Ryker's Happiness
Solar System

smiling face
Evidently, you can see right away based on these photos his reaction. It was a pure joy watching him play with his Solar System Toy.

Dawn ☕️
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