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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sophie's Mom II

              Hey There! Forgive me if I was late on updating my blog on Sophie's Mom. : ) So, If you're wondering where to get those yummy treats? Sophie's Mom is actually located at Unit 111, 8760 Residences, Santol cor Aranga Sts, San Antonio Village, Makati. You can actually do check their site or their Facebook Page.  You got to love them!

At Sophie's Mom (where you get those mouth-watering Sweets)
Their Oh-So-Famous Nutella Truffle Mochi (which you have to consume immediately after purchase)
Five sets of heaven tasting mochis!
Red Velvet cupcakes
Aren't you Craving with what you see?
So if your loving these treats, why not get some sweets at Sophie's Mom. You can reach them at  4048165 or at 8564849. Perhaps you can go visit personally their store at Makati. Check it out! 

: ) DaWn

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