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Friday, July 18, 2014

Street Fashion: Free yourself!

Street style or street fashion, for what I think, is the most widely used style in the fashion industry simply because it's a fusion of your own sense of style blended with "Street" fashion. It is defined by being trendy, chic, and comfortable all at the same time that is why more people go for this type of look. Freedom, is more like it for me. 

As for me, I opted to go with this look. 
Top: black razor back tank and plaid long- sleeve polo
Bottom: denim shorts (Suprรจ)
Shoes: nude pumps (Fioni)
Bag: MCM

My inspiration for this look was from Rihanna's "We Found Love," music video which was by the way, super dope! 

This is a simple yet spunky look. I hope you all enjoyed my personal touch of "street" style fashion. More blog posts to come. 

Dawn ☕️
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