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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Black Out

The weather was as hot as ever in KSA. This was a typical afternoon in this place. It was basically our regular rest day from our hospital duties and out of spontaneity, we decided to dress up, head to the rooftop of our accommodation, and have a "mini" pictorial. And the reason behind that idea was because we're extremely bored and there's no better way to spend our afternoon under the scorching heat of the sun! (Haha!) Just kidding! Of course, we waited a little bit for the sun to set to avoid heat stroke. 

With our mini dresses, heels, and make ups ready, we started our mini pictorial.  During the whole session we had fun directing each other's poses', facial expressions, and body postures. But we ended up laughing after we saw the photos which were "funny" in a way because of the awkward poses we did. But then, there's always a next time, right? 
What a fun way to do pictorials than to spend it with your friends. 

Forgive our awkward poses though. : )

Clothes used where from our own closets. 

We indeed enjoyed that afternoon. Fun and friends. How about you? How do you spend your afternoons with your friends?

Dawn ☕️
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