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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Uncle's Birthday!!!

"It's his birthday today, I'm so happy today.." haha! It's my Uncle's birthday today, he just turned *ehem*.  Another year, another life full of blessings. Yesterday, we already started the pre birthday bash at the Abe'  (at the Mall Of Asia) and now, spending quality time at home as family. Today, my Aunt of Epicureanmommy just baked this super delicious chocolate cake topped with strawberries, and so with the cupcakes. The frosting consisted of cream cheese (tastes like yogurt), thus made the whole experience sweeter.
Hello there Sweethearts!

Strawberries complemented the taste of the sweetness of the frosting 

Birthday boy!
Just ate two pieces of cupcakes. Yummy!

: ) DaWn
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