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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Places I've been wanting to visit again...

For the past years, I love going outdoors together with my family and friends. Just reminiscing the photos I had made me realize what "The Good Life,"has offered me through the years. And it's not stopping there, hopefully I'll soon travel the world. It isn't a life without any adventure, right?! The world is a beautiful place to Live in and so is to Explore...

Our Alma Mater, Silliman University, Dumaguete City with my Good Friends (Barkadas)
Nuvali, Greenfield City (we dropped from Tagaytay)
What I wore:
Top (Mixed Berry)
Leggings ( BNY)
Accessories (Thrift shop)
Ipod Shuffle
Tagaytay (overview the Taal Volcano)
Dakak Beach resort- From Luzon to down under- Mindanao
Dakak View
What I Wore:
Top (Greenhills)
Shorts (New Yorker)
Republiq (Resort's World Manila) 
What I Wore:
Top (Thrift Shop)
Liquid Leggings (BNY)
Baguio City
What I Wore:
 Top-Jacket (ONION)
Top inside- Lavender blouse (Mixed Berry)
Louie Vuitton Bag 
Leggings (BNY)
Baguio City
Siaton, Negros Oriental- From our fulfilling Medical Mission, we went to this place called Tambobo. 

Tambobo, Siaton, Negros Oriental view
Hotspring, Dauin, Negros Oriental
What I Wore:
Top Hoodie 
Razor Back tangerine (Mixed Berry)
Cropped Shorts (Penshoppe)
Flip-flops (Havaianas)
Me with my Co-ESL teachers at the Hot spring.. I miss you guys!
What I liked about all of these trips is that I enjoyed every bit of it.

: ) DaWn
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