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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Commencement...

As I've said, I'll be posting my Aunt's graduation event on my blog. The event was held in Global Academy at Makati City. We were like the first ones to arrive at the place (Excited!) haha! My Aunt started to study Culinary Arts last year, then after months of practice, she became an intern at MOMO's Cafe (Ayala Triangle) and at Dr. Jones' (Greenbelt). So here are my shots to this memorable event. Cheers!
There's my Aunt of Epicureanmommy. 
Their three Bigtime Chef Instructors.
Congratulations Te Cor!
During Chef Fereday's Speech

Class Picture of the Makati Branch Graduates! 
Me with the Graduate. 
After the program

My Uncle & Aunt 
These were the ones that woke my taste buds up, Hello there! These were made by the students and the theme was about Filipino delicacies with a gourmet twist which makes it more palatable and enticing to look at. 
These babies were some of the yummiest food I've ever tasted. 
Tsk! Salivating.. Yummy Toron with cinnamon cream was one of my faves.
Loved the Tiramisu.
Maja is that you?
Mango Macaroons 
That's my Bite!
OMG! My Meringue on Gold & Silver colors.
And after seeing (and eating) them, don't you just love the "Sweet" life?
For now, I'm out.
Until next walk outs,
: ) DaWN 
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