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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NYFW: Carolina Herrera S/S collection 2015 Review

The New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off this week and shows are star-studded as expected from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus (technically topless). But enough about the shenanigans, let's talk about Carolina Herrera's S/S collection 2015! 

I think the inspiration of the whole collection was rooted literally from "Spring". The season that brings us beautiful, blooming flowers; a season of a new beginning. The flower designs were made into these "graphic prints" that are bold enough to be seen. The colours also reflected the summer/spring colours which were bold, bright, and beautiful pastel colours. The designs ranges from above to below-the-knee dresses. What I personally loved about these fashion pieces is that it remains conservative and very lady-like. Carolina Herrera's name resembles with sophistication, and chic.

P.S. Credits to for the photos 


Friday, August 29, 2014

Violet and sequins

Hi there! 

Violet is actually my favorite color, in fact, the other shades that resembles this color (purple/lavender) are also on my list too! But I don't like the idea of wearing it on because it would be too obvious (especially for those people who knows me too well). Hehe!

But in this case, I have to make an excemption. About the dress, it is a two piece type of dress detailed with sequins that makes it chic, stylish, and eye-catching. It has this layer which can be removed if you preferred a simpler look. I actually bought this dress for the price of 45 riyals or 450 ph, would you believe? For a lovely dress like this for that amount is already a chance of a lifetime. 

Dress: Al-astoorah from KSA/ Shoes: Fioni 

Have a great day! 
Keep smiling, everyone!

Dawn ☕️

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black and White

Hi there!

I am a mix and match type of person when it comes to my outfits. I've used my zebra-printed skirt again as it can be easily paired with bold colored tops, so here's my outfit of the day.

The outfit is quite simple. Black and white combo with a peek-a-boo design on the shirt which I love because it adds something to that whole look.

Top: Colzene/ Skirt: Splash/ Shoes: Fioni/  Bag:Tatra

Have a great day! ✌️

Dawn ☕️

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rock n' Boots

Top: Lee Cooper/ Shorts: Suprè/ Shoes: booties from KSA

Rugged look for today. A simple statement shirt from Lee Cooper, a pair of denim shorts and booties. Definitely, the  "To go" look for concert people or for an adventure enthusiast person like me. Personally, I like to wear outfits that makes me feel comfortable and this look certainly does justice for me. Comfortable yet still fashionable. 

Who's up for a stroll? 
Later y'all, I've got to go. 

Dawn ☕️

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I really love taking sunset pictures. It is the time of the day where the sky is solemn and peaceful. I think it is during that moment when I get to see the wonder and beauty of the horizon and then I "click. "  No filters needed and that is Beauty in it. It leaves a smile on my face. Another day has passed, and there will be another beautiful sunset to look forward to tomorrow. 😊 

Have a great night, guys!

Dawn ☕️

Look 2

Top: BHC/ Skirt: Long Back from Banna Banna/ Shoes: Fioni
So this is another daytime look wearing my long back skirt which I got from KSA. This time, I've paired it with this printed top (BHC), transforming it into a new summer look. 

Both looks can be worn during the day and both have diffrent "summer" vibes. 

Dawn ☕️
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