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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Baby Cousin is Now a Little Fashionista

My Baby Cousin aged 1 year & 7 months is officially now a little fashionista. Meet Richard Conor B. Serion, our little fashionista. At their school, they were required to have this mini photo shoot with three main styles (Formal, Casual, and sporty). For a little boy, like Ryker, he was entitled to dress up with these outfits chosen by us- of course! hehehe! : )
Check it out!
Outfit number one: Casual but more like Trendy Chic for a little boy... : ) 
What do you think?

Our little boy' knows how to Pose

During his Photo shoot at school...
Outfit number two: Formal

Where Headed lil' boy?

To early for Halloween, Ryker? : )

Gloomy aftie for the star ei?!
Outfit number three: Sporty

Sporty Pose for this too young Jockey?!

Of course, our little model needs to have his break....

He deserved this treat after this busy day... : ) Yum!
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