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Friday, August 29, 2014

Violet and sequins

Hi there! 

Violet is actually my favorite color, in fact, the other shades that resembles this color (purple/lavender) are also on my list too! But I don't like the idea of wearing it on because it would be too obvious (especially for those people who knows me too well). Hehe!

But in this case, I have to make an excemption. About the dress, it is a two piece type of dress detailed with sequins that makes it chic, stylish, and eye-catching. It has this layer which can be removed if you preferred a simpler look. I actually bought this dress for the price of 45 riyals or 450 ph, would you believe? For a lovely dress like this for that amount is already a chance of a lifetime. 

Dress: Al-astoorah from KSA/ Shoes: Fioni 

Have a great day! 
Keep smiling, everyone!

Dawn ☕️

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