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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Denim on the highlands

Hey there! 

Forgive me but this is my super duper late outfit post. If you've noticed my hair was still long. Hehe! This was during my short vacation in my hometown. And I'm one proud probinsyana (girl from a province) for that matter.

These photos were taken at Tierra Alta, which is one of the main attractions in our place with a splendid resort at the highlands overlooking the siquijor and cebu island. The main reason why I went to this awesome place was because of the rehearsals (for my Friend's wedding). This was their reception place. Isn't it stunning? 

With my outfit, I just wanted an easy, breezy type of look, casual to sporty. 

Dress: Denim dress from Muffin
Shoes: Pink sneakers from Keds

Dawn ☕️
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