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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing with Prints

There are certain times that I stumble upon these gorgeous printed outfits and eventually end up buying them just mainly because of their prints. (Cute prints!) An example of which is this top of mine, it's a black, see-through, long sleeve top that I got from BHC, which has this cute white heart prints all over. (adorable!) Now, buying is the easy part, what to do with it is the next problem. 

Prints are very dynamic and they can make a statement on their own. So the safest way to wear them is to pair them with solid/bold colors. But as much as I wanted to go safe, I preferred an alternative way and that is to play with it! Prints on Prints.  Yeah, It might be difficult to pull off but I could try though. So here's what I did, I found this bondage Skirt (zebra printed) and matched it with the printed top I got from BHC. And I guess, it made a new statement when they were paired together. Also the base color which was black did help the trick. 

Top: BHC from Banna Banna Collection
Skirt: Splash
Shoes: Fioni

Tips on how to wear prints:

1. You can go the safe way. Pair it with plain solid colors.
2. You can experiment with it. Play with your prints. (Don't be afraid!) Different prints can actually complement each other. 

Bottomline is, Confidence plays a huge key in taking risks. If you got it, no matter what you wear, you will definitely pull it off. (Even with prints!) 

Dawn ☕️

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