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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just got to "JUMP" the "SUIT"

Navy blue Jumpsuit, Black leather bag, Accessories (SM accessories)
Jumpsuits are still on the trend, and they are believed to be one of the basic outfits that should not be thrown out of your wardrobes. And I do agree with that, that's why I do have my own, and bought it for the price of 300ph! Would you believe it? It doesn't have any brand on it but  I guess it could pull of any Lazy day stroll to the mall (that is why it's called "Jump" Suit) or out with friends for coffee, right?!

Just pair it with those nice Ice-cees, & Blings, then Wha-la, you've got your own chic look for the lesser cost & effort.

Jumpsuits are Basic-friendly to trendy diva outfits. You can easily pair it with blazers/covers with belts.

Til next outfit,

: ) DaWn
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