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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You, Harry!

What comes into your wonderful minds when you hear the name, Harry Potter?

Harry Potter

The Chosen one? 
Well, probably.

The character that J.K Rowling Made?
Well, Yes and that is for sure.

 But for me, Harry Potter is a trademark of our generations' fantasy.
He is this boy that made a global change in the world of imagination. 
It has been a decade that he made our lives "magical" and has became a household name for the past years.
 I literally grew up with him and his awesome friends (Hermoine & Ron). 

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermoine
I enjoyed watching them, film by film, collected various stuffs with their faces on it (memorabilia), filled up blog sites with numerous things about them from lifestyles to cupcakes and not to mention memorized some of their amazing magic spells. 

HP cupcakes from Tumblr photos
There's one thing I could tell about this saga, "Life has never been the same."
They changed the standards of using the mind as a great weapon to instill to kids and adults that there is a little magic in everything that we do. 

And every day, we have to overcome challenges/obstacles from our own "Voldemort" minds and eventually learn from our own mistakes. 

Harry made us realize something and that is to be strong admist any problems or whatever events that may come in our way.

Harry Potter
He also shared to us that friendship is one of the most beautiful things in this world that can't be replaced, like how they stood together (Harry, Ron, Hermoine) side by side by side no matter what happens.
Hermoine, Harry, Ron

Another thing would be unconditional love, the love that was once demonstrated by Harry's parents as they protected him from Voldemort and so with other important people that defended Harry through thin and thick times.
Dumbledore & Severus Snape
Just Imagine, It all started from a book.
And from that marvelous book opened a world full of magic and hope for the young at hearts.
Now that Harry Potter saga has come to an end, many were sad especially those who in their childhoods grew up with him. 

 In connection, I was struck with this phrase, and it is self-explanantory that truly magic is everywhere, you just have to know where to look...

Farewell for now, Mr. Potter and Thank you!

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