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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vintage Fashion. Fashion Vintage.

Other terms such as old, and antique is synonymous. 
But when we speak of putting this word before the word "Fashion,"
 would give a whole lot of meaning to the word "Vintage" alone.
By just looking out at these photos, it would give us instantly what the meaning 
of Glamourous is and how to be one.
Woman modeling black lace dress with pink sash copied from Balenciaga, with hat and gloves, 1951 
From the 1920-1980's laces', high waisted skirts, vintage half-slips, eye wear, head-wear to purses, bags, and jewelries, these things truly made an impact in todays' fashion industry.
When we get to see the characters from Gossip Girl wearing it flawlessly makes us think of old school fashion thus, making us more in love with the trend. Even hair trends of the past are coming back in, and not to mention that these hair trends are back with vengeance. With a more modified but sophisticated look.
TV Series, Gossip Girl
Stars like Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Katy Perry and models like Kate Moss are also setting examples. 

Katy Perry

An advantage of being exposed with these kinds of media (commercials, movies, etc) puts me, for example, to invent my own kind of vintage wear, thus increasing my sense of creativity 
and as well as boosting my self-esteem. 
I know that I'm not the only one doing these re-inventions in their wardrobes... : )

Old school Polka dots
Due to the increase of interests and curiosity about these vintage fashion, people especially the young ones tend to imitate or re-invent it.
As I probably call it, "Modification," style 
making it the 
Vintage Fashion of the new era.

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