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Friday, November 4, 2011

CAKE in a CUP : )

Made up of Sweet & Spice & everything Nice!
That's what I could describe from what we (my aunt & I) baked yesterday for our lazy afternoon treat-Chocolate moist cupcakes. The recipe was a piece of cake-literrally! It was really easy and the ingredients were not hard to find on our kitchen cupboards such as flour, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, vinegar, water, salt, baking soda, & sugar. : ) I was so happy because I did the designing on the frostings, which was made up of butter-icing. (Make my own cupcakes)
And there I was waiting...

These were the first batch. Smells good already!
And I do hope you liked my photos too.. : )

Hello there sweethearts!

Once upon a time...

Color me Bright

At its Peak


Sprinkles X Rainbow

Floral Sweets

From the Heart

Direct from the Point

In Line

 It was Fresh from the oven, until next Baking...
: ) DaWn
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